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Ear Coning -
featured on NBC, CBS & Barbara Walters for relieving...

Hearing loss, sinus problems,
lack of balance, tinnitus,
headaches, jaw and neck
tension, low energy and is
great for purifying your

The eustachian tube runs from the lymphatic system, up the side of the neck and into the ear canal. When this tube is backed up, any of the problems listed above occur. The tube gets packed with inorganic substances the body is unable to process or eliminate.

What would your mouth be like if you had never brushed your teeth?

How do you know when this tube is cleared out?

You feel smoke/heat at your collar bone. Normally that is accomplished in 3 to 6 treatments of 3 pairs of cones per treatment. The results occur, when you decide to clean your blood. This takes 11 (6 cone treatments), not more than 1 week apart.

Here is what Carole Hemingway says:

" For years, I dreaded the autumn season. I loved the leaf changes, but every morning I would wake up with allergies. My head felt like a pregnant aspirin with sinus pressure. I am here to say miraculously , after one treatment, the morning headaches have stopped and I can hear better. The gunk  that comes out of the ear canal is truly amazing. The process is swift".

I am Val Kirkgaard, Ph.D. (hon) and I committed in 1992 to make the finest and highest quality cone I could produce. When I accepted my place in this 5000 year old tradition, I was delighted to contribute quality, love and community education on this ancient subject.
Since 1992
handmade, rose essence,
beeswax & reiki enhanced
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