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My teacher Dr. Francisco Coll whom I love dearly has left his physical body and the earth plane but is ever closer to me now for he is in spirit and spirit has no boundaries and love does surpass the physical and encompasses and embraces the spiritual. Since I can’t travel at this time around the globe to reach all of you, I am travelling via the communications network of the Internet.

"No man is free who is not master of himself." [Epictetus] My teacher believed in: "If you give a hungry person a fish, he/she will be hungry tomorrow. If you teach this person to fish for he/she will be free for the rest of his/her life to take care of him/her self and use the resources within.

You, a spiritual being, choose a physical body. It is your anchor here on earth. It is the vehicle for you to get around. The body you have is the perfect body you need for this journey, this time around, and the lesson here, is to understand that, and accept your body, just the way it is. You are not just your body. Your spirit is the intelligent part of you that is connected to you by the silver thread from your spirit to your body through the crown chakra and keeps the energy of your body together. Your body is composed of the elements of planet earth. When you finished what you have come to do this lifetime you decide to pass on. You sever that silver thread and your body goes back to earth were it came from and your soul or spirit goes back to the cosmos, God, the universe what ever you call it. There is no separation. The only separation you have is the one you created.

Know that you are not alone and you have all your answers within you. Learn to trust yourself your inner feelings, inner knowing, impressions and hunches this is the inner communication of spirit and your higher self and become free. In so doing realize the reason you are not alone is because you have spiritual guides. Let me take this time to share with you the facts what, when, where, why of how it all began.

When you were in spirit and before you decided to come to planet earth you made an agreement with a grouping of souls (spirit guides) to come and aid you on your spiritual venture here on earth. They came to help you with the business of your life and the lessons, goals, attributes and life purpose that you are here to accomplish. You see your guides are not angels. Angels have never taken physical form but your guides have had many incarnations here on earth. They have mastered planet earth this is why they are equipped to help you on your journey here. They have mastered the emotional planet earth and now are ready to grow spiritually by helping you accomplish what you have come to do as well. Know that they are objective and you are subjective to what ever is happening in your life. You have emotions - they do not. Know this, you do not have a soul, you are a soul with a body, not a body with a soul. You are not here to become spiritual, you already are. You are a spiritual being on a human journey.

How do these guides work for you? They work through your intuitive nature - your psychic ability. Everyone is psychic, some to a larger degree than others. You can learn to unfold your intuition. There are many courses and teachers out there, to teach you how. If you can’t find a teacher you feel good with; know this: "When you are ready, your teacher will appear." As it happened to me in 1975. I was asking for help for many years and I made a decision that changed my life. I made a decided to leave a great job, which had a lot of potential and many benefits for me. It was so difficult to make that decision. I had people in my life trying to talk me out of it. Finally one year later, I did it. That choice led me to doing what I am doing today, which is my soul purpose. I am in my niche and I love it. There we many challenges along the way, it did not happen by luck but by following my intuitive guidance all the way and trusting it and myself to be at the right place at the right time, that was the most difficult challenge of all. The other challenge was learning to apply what my teacher taught me. I don’t know why it is but all of us think if we have the knowledge and the understanding, we can change and gain the expansion we need to change our life. It’s not that simple. That it only half of the way; and that to me, is high school. The other half is applying what you know in your daily life; that is university. Getting back to your guides, they talk to you in many ways. One way is that they make suggestions to you. They do not tell you what to do, because they cannot interfere with your free will and choice. You must ask for their help and for what you want, otherwise they can’t help you. When they come near you, they give your body an extra charge of energy which is depicted in what is referred to in the bible as quickening of the flesh. Your guides operate in your energy system called the chakra system. They are not separate from you. They are part of your energy system called your aura.


Your guides are your inner guidance system. You choose your guides before you come to planet earth, before you reincarnate. You are all in agreement with the life lessons and purpose that they are here to help you with. They know you have free will and choice and so you don’t have to keep your agreement with them and it is okay with them. If you don’t learn what you originally came to learn you will learn something else. It is all learning. Free will and choice makes all the difference. However, fulfilling your agreement is more beneficial to you and a more rewarding life experience. They never tell you what to do for they cannot impose on your free will. So that means if you need or want help you have to ask for it. They make suggestions to you all the time but never tell you what to do. You know when your guides are around you because they cause chills up and down your spine or parts of your body. It is because they are a higher frequency than you are. When they come near you they give you an extra charge of energy. Your frequency is lower than their energy. So when they come near you they raise your vibrations. They come around and give you chills to remind you that you are not alone. They are saying, " ask us for help, we are here". They could also want to convey their love for you and support and that they want you to know they are here for you and giving you the energy you need and know what you are going through. Remember your guides are objective and you are subjective. They do not get emotionally envolved for they have no emotions. They are very wise and have mastered planet earth and can help you through your experiences because they have already mastered those experiences. As you learn, they learn from you. Yes, they learn from you. Never under estimate your abilities. Because they are masters does not mean they stop growing and changing. Nothing in the Universe every stops moving and changing. Your guides are not separate from you they operate through your chakra system through your aura.

By Doris C. Mizzi - B. Msc. H.C.


Yes, you have personal power. Whether you realize it or not, you do. It is an innate gift that we all possess. Without personal power, you will not have the energy to achieve what you want, or make the changes you want.

Humanity is, at the present time, seeking personal power. Many of us do not understand the essence of personal power. Many of us are taught, during early childhood, that we are powerless. For many years, we would unconsciously give away our personal power to others. It is time to work towards claiming your right and not to allow others to strip you of that which is necessary, for your survival.

How do we give our personal power away? When we allow another to emotionally attack us, we are giving them permission to strip us of personal power. An example of an emotional attack is when you allow people to make unreasonable demands on you, or when someone expects you to organize their life. No one can live your life for you and you cannot live someone else life. The most difficult thing to learn, is the manner in which to say "no", nicely. The best response you can give is to step back. Allow that person to deal with their own energy. Don't attempt to heal them by being too accommodating or too agreeable by trying to work out someone else problems or allowing others to dump on you.

How do we reclaim our personal power? Well, the first step is understanding. We should not become so involved in other people's concerns and not to take things too personally. Learn to laugh at situations and walk away. When you find others are attempting to overpower you through anger or through intensity, simply shake your head, laugh and say to yourself: "They will learn their lesson." It is important to understand that no one is exerting power over you but it is merely their feelings of insecurity are being reflected onto you. Just relax and let it go!

Loss of personal power makes us feel powerless, like victims of circumstances out of control and we can also feel that we are being controlled. We begin to feel unable to change things and become immersed in the problems rather than the solutions. When this happens, we become afraid and feel powerless. This feeling is accelerated by listening to media news hype and listening to negative news. We need to look at our values and our loyalties and assert ourselves as individuals, follow our hearts, not our heads! We need to act rather than be acted upon. In doing so, you become unrestricted by the attitudes, behavior and actions of others or by any circumstances that seem to limit you.

Know what your values and boundaries are and do not deviate from them As you grow and change you will need to re-evaluate your principles and adjust them accordingly.

When you become involved in other people's problems or growing experience you actually take on their karma, their lessons, That is a No-No. Working out your own lessons (karma) demands all your energy your personal power. As Alice Bailey writes: "It is not permitted to interfere with someone's personal karma anymore than it is permitted to shield them from the consequences of their actions. This entails a refusal to interfere in anyone's business."

A person with personal power has a strong sense of self in relation to others and feels comfortable within the self. They manage their emotions and are not threatened by life's experiences. They go with the flow. Remember: "Most powerful is he who has himself in his own power." Learn to accept the choices of others and let them deal with their own energy and experiences. This is love. This is the Law of Allowance.

By Doris C. Mizzi - B. Msc. H.C.


Acquiring Happiness and Balance in life

What is love? Many people have asked me that question. I perceive love as acceptance of oneself and letting go of fears, non-benefical fears, fears that are unproductive and destructive. In society, we understand love and act on what we think love is, by holding on out of possession, and we hold on, because we fear we are going to lose something, something that we are used to or feel comfortable with, even though it may be causing us discomfort, unhappiness & pain in our life. We become fearful of letting go, out of the fear of the unknown or out of our own insecurities. If you can realize that change is not letting go of anything, but an addition to the self. It is important to face oneself and love yourself, regardless of what you see within.

As we begin to understand love for what it really is, we start to respect ourselves and begin also to understand loyalty & responsibility. These are other aspects of love.

We are taught to be loyal and responsible to everything outside ourselves. When we are not, we feel guilty or allow others to make us feel guilty, and then we start feeling responsible and obligated to others. In the process, leave ourselves out. You start taking care of everyone else's needs and not your own. Guilt is a useless emotion. It is a denial of self. In the process, you leave yourself out. It only causes pain, because we end up punishing ourselves when we feel guilty, and end up taking care of other peoples problems. Doing that gives your energy away. You loose your personal power to survive. True love is allowing others to deal with their own energy and allowing them to take responsibility for the choices they have made, so you can go on with your own life, creating the reality you need and desire.

Loyalty to oneself does not mean being an egotistic person--- me first, me second and me third! It is a person who has their priorities in order. Loyalty to self first, then to the family, to your work or business, and then to where your fellowship or social circles are. In that order. Loyalty to yourself, is having trust and confidence in yourself. Your identity or essential qualities is distinct from all other persons. It is believing in yourself that does not require proof.

Now that I have defined loyalty, what about responsibility? Responsibility means being accountable for your actions in fulfilling your desire. It is taking responsibility for the choices you make and the outcome of those choices. We have been taught to be responsible for everyone else, that is outer responsibility. From this point of view, responsibility becomes a burden, not an opportunity. We are afraid of change because change is more responsibility. Life is constant change and you cannot stop change. If you try, it just drags you along with it, and that way is not very pleasant. Life is in constant change . Trying to keep things the same will not work, for stagnation can only occur.

Here is an example of being loyal and responsible. It seems in life that we are always confronted with what society calls a "problem". In reality, they are 'growing experiences', opportunities to learn, grow and unfold. They help you understand more about yourself. If you can think this way, then you start to live life, instead of life living you. When these problems arise, we have a tendency to get stuck in them, digging a deeper hole and never seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, and we feel like victims. We become problem oriented. However, a person loyal and responsible to themselves, will work with solutions and become a solution-oriented person, knowing 'where there is a will, there is a way'. It takes courage, strength and trusting one self .

What are the basis for a solution-oriented person? A person who works with the facts-- the four "W"s - [What-When-Where-Why]. Whenever you are confronted with a problem, whether it is personal, business or social, ask yourself the four "W"s.

Identifying the problem: What am I feeling? When did it start? Where did it start? Why did it start? When you have accomplished that, you will feel more in charge of the situation, instead of helpless with no solution in sight. The key is to do this as soon as the situation arises. immediately dropping everything and doing the above formula. Else, you will lose the feeling and have to wait till it comes back in another situation. When you have identified the problem, you will seek a solution for it. Now you ask: What am I going to do about it? When am I going to do something about it? Where am I going to do something about it? What am I going to do something about? As you accomplish this, you will feel you have risen above the problem and feel a sense of peace, security and direction. The more often you do this, the simpler it becomes. Be aware that at first, you might have some difficulty asking or getting an interpretation to what it is you feel, however; as you persevere and follow through, you will gain a balance of thought and feeling and clear open communications, with yourself.

By Doris C. Mizzi - B. Msc. H.C.

Energy Medicine - Emotional Healing

I have been in the field of human relations and personal development since 1975. It has been very rewarding helping people to help themselves through the service I provide. It includes, one to one personal consultations, group classes, courses and seminars. I am what you call an intuitive holistic practitioner, and I work with emotional healing using all my experience to help a person on mind, body and spirit. I have a bachelors degree in Metaphysical science and hold a certificate of healing and counsel, and a Metaphysical practitioner diploma.

As an intuitive holistic practitioner, I do "Energy Medicine" to help individuals heal on an emotional level; by doing emotional blockage removal. These are patterns that limit an individual from doing what they know they need to; do but can’t. These emotional blockages are belief systems about yourself that are often not conscious to you, but are on the subconscious . It is a wall of energy that you can not seem to bypass, no matter what you do. It is a reactive response of fear. It is non-benefical, because it stops you from creating the reality you want, and taking action .

I use my intuitive abilities to scan the spiritual anatomy to find these emotional blockages . After a long period of time, they effect the physical anatomy. Know this: your biography creates your biology. I work on your spiritual anatomy, which effects the physical anatomy using spiritual universal healing energy, to remove the emotional energy from the cellular level. Your cells hold emotional memory from all your experiences. This is where you respond from. Where you take action from, and how you perceive life. I do emotional restructuring - emotional engineering is another word to help you better understand what I do. Removal of the emotional blockages is accomplished after a series of energy sessions, which help to break down the resistance that is there, and to get you in a very relaxed and peaceful state. I can then proceed to remove the emotional blockage. Some of the results can be total feeling of well-being and peace. Complete relaxation like you have never experienced before, more respect for yourself and the ability to take action with courage and strength. It helps you to gain your personal power, to do for you.

By Doris C. Mizzi - B. Msc. H.C


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